I don’t know about anyone else but conflict really stresses me out.  Like when I see someone on the road who is raging I get really upset inside and pray for them.

Or when two people are in an argument that I am not even a part of, that too gets me stressed.  I must admit that I take a low dosage of Ativan for stress and I pretty much take it every day with a cup of coffee so I dont’ get too drowsy.  I only take it on days I work or if I know I will be in a stressul situation, I hope to not need it but for now a very low dosage really helps me out.

Some other ways I destress are to take a hot bath or shower, reading, writing, talking to a friend who is supportive and unfortunately eating.  Meditation and deep breathing can also be helpful!




Avoiding people who stress you out

Stress can be a good thing but for those of us who suffer from a mental disorder, certain stress can lead to relapse.  One of the best things I can recommend is to avoid people who stress you out.    Recognize people who are good for you and surround yourself with them.  Limit actiivity with family members who are nonsupportive of you and your mental disorder (if they know about it because not everyone needs to know I have found).  I recently, again, found myself around someone who had very high expectations of me and what I was capable of to a detrimental degree.  I now only speak to her every now and again rather than frequently and it is the best thing for me.  I am learning as I go on in life.  I hope my experience will help someone else to avoid this kind of stress, because for me relapse is not something I ever want to experience again.